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Graphic design is a mix of art and science. For over 40 years, our award winning design team has been crafting truly outstanding logos to help your business stand out from the crowd. We really do enjoy putting an accessible and attractive public face on someone’s business. Whatever you are looking for–whether a startup business or an established business in need of a facelift–we can do it!

Get noticed and stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds with a custom logo.


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Blast off to identity

When you think of a product or business launch, you don't usually think of an actual launch. But, sometimes that is exactly what you might have......

The logo is dead. Long live the logo!

Logos are dead. It seems this is the required topic for a logo blog. Not that there are all that many REAL logo blogs—most seem to be hung out there...

Logo vs Brand

Logos vs. Branding Let’s get the main point out straight away. Getting a logo is not the same thing as developing a brand. I wish it were that easy....

The Nightmare Logo Client: It worked back in the ‘80s…

As a logo developer, it is a rarity to run into a client who just can’t accept ANY new logo design. We have one. At those times, I always question...

The Great Branding Disaster

The Great Branding Disaster I originally titled this “The Great Logo Disaster” because that is how the story started. However, as the story unfolded...

Does color matter in a logo?

Does Color Matter in a Logo? Of course color matters. No one would even begin to suggest it doesn't. Color is an integral part of any graphic design...

Logo Renovation – Is it a disaster?

Are you looking at a logo renovation disaster? Every now and again, an old identity element needs a facelift. Sometimes, companies feel their logos...

Why A Professional Logo

Professional logo vs. Homemade Soup and chocolate chip cookies are best made at home. Logos are not.Your company logo is often the first element of...

Split identity – Logo Elements and Words

There are several schools of thought with logos and identity work. One school says you should only use your logo in its whole, pure and complete...

Identity Crisis – To B or not to B?

To B or not to B I just had a call from a long-time client. He has been with us for a few years, knows our philosophies on brand development, and is...

Have your custom logo design in 3 easy steps!

logo interview

Complete the Logo Design Interview

Send us an email or call us to discuss your business, logo, and identity needs.

logo review

Review the proposed logos

We will provide up to 5 custom logo designs from which you can mix and match the elements you prefer. We will make up to two edits from the designs presented.

logo choice

Receive the final logo

You will receive your final logo via email in jpg, png, and vector formats.

We make choosing a logo as easy as possible

We will give you a presentation similar to this one to help explain our custom logo design concepts, allowing you to make a more educated choice. Contact us today to get started!

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