Terms and Conditions

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By placing an order with LogoDesignGroup, purchaser agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

LogoDesignGroup (LDG) is a division of BackBurner Marketing, LLC, a creative agency that specializes in the development of corporate identity items and related media (Projects). LDG conducts business solely through the World Wide Website at www.logodesigngroup.com. Persons or organizations (the Client) that hire LDG to create Projects for them do so after reviewing the LDG website, where all project parameters and prices are listed. Discounts and special pricing shall be available to Clients as expressed on the LDG website. The terms of such discounts are limited to the terms expressed on the LDG site and are applicable at the time of purchase only. LDG shall commence with the creation of the Project at the time the Client submits 100% payment for the Project either (a) through the LDG website and after clicking the box that indicates agreement with these terms and conditions or (b) at the receipt of payment in other form as agreed in writing or electronic communication between LDG and Client (and only after bank checks or money orders are deposited and clear) and a signed contract is returned by Client. At such time, LDG shall conduct an Interview with the client, either electronically or telephonically. At that point, LDG shall begin the concepting stage of the Project. Concepting will start within 72 hours of time of purchase and can take up to seven days, depending on the difficulty of the design, workload, holidays, etc. If the project will take longer, written notice shall be sent electronically from LDG to the Client. LDG is not responsible for meeting deadlines external to LDG’s operating process as described within the LDG website or in this document and no guarantees or warranty to meet such external deadlines are implied. Client may cancel the Project up to the point at which the Interview is completed/submitted and will receive a refund less a $75 processing fee.

LDG shall supply rough drafts of the Project either via email attachment or via email with direction to retrieve said rough drafts from a specified location on the LDG website. Client shall have 48 hours to review and respond to the rough drafts. Drafts are arranged by visual Theme. Client shall decide which theme he or she would like to further develop into a Final Design. Upon receipt of critique of rough drafts, LDG shall make alterations to the Theme until the Client has a design that is satisfactory. There is no limit to the number of drafts LDG will create to satisfy the Client but LDG reserves the right to limit the process should the Client appear to be purposefully or maliciously obstructing the development process or if there appears to be an insurmountable impasse. If the Client fails to respond to the rough draft within 48 hours, LDG will place the Project on hold and shall maintain the Project files in an active status for 15 days. If the Client fails to respond to any rough draft for 15 days, the Project shall be considered inactive and the files purged from storage. there will be no notice or warning of this action. There will be no refund for abandoned Projects. All rights to rough designs are the sole intellectual and material property of LDG.

During the process of rough drafts and designs, LDG shall communicate with the Client to determine which theme shall be considered the Final Design. This design shall be communicated to the Client using the same methods as rough drafts after which the Client shall send electronically the final approval to LDG. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure, before final approval, that all names and words that might comprise the Project are spelled correctly and appear with proper punctuation and grammar. Changes to final artwork after final approval are billed at $50 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum. Upon receipt of the final approval, LDG shall compile all electronic files that represent the Final Design and electronically transfer the files to Client in the formats indicated in the LDG product description at the time of purchase. Source files and all rough designs, whether vector or bitmap, shall remain the property of LDG. The final artwork shall be archived by LDG. Copies may be obtained for a small fee.

Copyright Infringement: LDG guarantees that its artwork is original and free of existing copyrights or trademarks or service marks. Any similarities between an LDG Project and any existing logo or trademark or service mark is purely coincidental and LDG shall be held harmless by Client for any costs and/or fees resulting from any such coincidental similarities. It is the Client’s sole responsibility to conduct research or trademark or copyright searches in order to avoid any infringements. LDG shall retain its rough design progression as a papertrail to document the originality and origins of LDG products. Copies of this papertrail may be obtained for a reasonable fee. Alterations may be made by LDG to existing artwork to satisfy required or ordered relief at the rate of $50 per hour.

Refunds: Refunds are subject to the terms of this agreement and any verbiage in place on the LDG website at the time of purchase or at the sole discretion of LDG management.

Copyright Assignment: LDG shall transfer to the Client 100% of the copyright of the Final Design as approved by the Client. LDG reserves the right to use the Final Design in its portfolio and other promotional or marketing materials. Similarly, communications between LDG and the Client may be used or excerpted by LDG at its discretion for promotional purposes. Design concepts that were generated during the design process that are not identical or that could not, by a reasonable person, be construed as similar to the Final Design may be put into inventory by LDG at its discretion.

* Effective date: 10/01/2010