The best advertising is a satisfied client.

Many thanks for the prompt response to my request for a logo for South West Florida Schools Lacrosse. The four logos that you produced covered an imaginative selection of ideas related to our setting. Our final choice was your wonderful logo that combined the typical Florida pastel colors, the image of the sun and the depiction of our geographical area. Thanks!

Geoffrey Clarke

I would like to take a minute out of my extremely busy day to thank you for the logo that you created for our alumni lacrosse team: “Old Gold Has Been Lax”. First of all, getting the logo created and to the printer in the time frame that we requested was a phenominal job on your part, and I thank you for that.

The logo was fantastic and a huge success when we unveiled it at our recent alumni game. You were able to include all of the elements that we were trying to communicate through our team logo and did so with tremendous creativity. The logo was creative and comical while maintaining the “Lacrosse” image and reputation. A few guys even asked if you had developed the bald headed lacrosse ball from their pictures. A few of us did look like that character!

It was such a success, that we may be developing some t-shirts that utilize the logo to raise money for the existing team. You can look forward to my phone call to discuss some t-shirt designs.

Thanks again, we appreciate all of your hard work and efforts.

Tood Schulz

Director, Alumni Lacrosse Association

I like them ALL!! They are wonderful, absolutely wonderful. What a gift you have. These are just absolutely great. I am amazed. Thanks!

Tony Buchwalter

Director of Administrative Services, Children's Network of Southwest Florida