Why you need a custom logo.

Why your company needs a custom logo

Without a good logo, your company is just another name. Think of a famous business or brand and you will probably picture a famous logo. Coincidence? Not at all. Great companies have great logos. Coca-Cola, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft, Toyota, Kodak and Nike. They all have a logo that is instantly recognizable to just about anyone.

It’s tempting to say that those famous logos are well-known because big companies throw a lot of money at them. But the truth is that those big companies throw a lot of money at the logo because they work.

How do we know this is true and not just marketing hype thrown out by some logo design group (Like us for example)? Simple: business is as Darwinian an environment as just about anything you’ll find in nature. Basically, if it doesn’t work it stops. Business doesn’t tolerate anything that is inherently a failure.

So it follows that memorable logos work. If it works for the giants it will work for your small business too, perhaps on a smaller scale–but it works just the same.