The Logo Design Process

The logo design process is fairly simple. For the most part, it can all be handled over the Internet, though you are welcome to contact us via telephone as needed. In a nutshell, we design you several versions of custom logos from which you select one that you like for further development. With your commentary as a guide, we move forward with that design to a final logo. You approve it and we send the files to you.

In greater detail, it goes like this:

1. Select your Logo Package.

2. Procede to the checkout area and complete your payment with either PayPal or standard credit card.

3. Complete the Logo Design Interview.

4. You will receive confirmation of the order along with further instructions via email.

Terms you should know:

Logo – the symbol or design and type combination that we create to represent your company.

Rough – a first-stage drawing of your logo, focusing mostly on visual themes, styles and colors. Our roughs look like completed logos but they are still just initial workups.

Final draft – the design you select from the roughs is further worked until it meets your needs and our standards of excellence.

Deliverable logo/approved logo – the final design on which you sign off and we create electronic files for your use.